Sexton Marketing surveyed 2,500 Australians in December 2016 and found:

84% were concerned at parents having no say on what is or is not included in sex education classes at their children’s school, and no right to take their children out of those classes if they do not agree with the content.

  • 84%

82% were concerned about teaching children as young as those in kindy or primary school that they can choose whatever gender they want.

  • 82%

82% were concerned about teaching young children about the availability of sex change operations and sex change hormones that can be used to change their gender if that is what they want.

  • 82%

86% were concerned at schools supporting children as mature minors to change their gender identity without parental consent.

  • 86%

79% were concerned at schools allowing boys who identify themselves as girls to share the girls’ toilets, showers and change rooms at school.

  • 79%

88% expressed concern if the sex education curriculum was heavily influenced by pro-transgender activists pushing their own cause.

  • 88%

86% were concerned at schools allowing 12 to 14 year olds to access websites that are blocked by parents at home, without parental consent, including teen sex advice websites that encourage sexual experimentation.

  • 86%

82% were concerned for teachers being sacked for refusing to teach the more controversial aspects of the sex education curriculum.

  • 82%